First thing to check is if your legs are on backwards or flipped or haven’t been put together quite right - this is a fairly easy mistake to make and we've found it is the most common cause of Martys not working right!

See Marty Build Guide / Legs and particularly note the Sanity Check image below. There are quite a few little details, so be sure to check them all!

If your Marty still doesn't walk, check your calibration and ensure that the feet aren't mashing into each-other and that the Servo Cables are connected exactly how the Build Guide shows.

Here are a couple of issues we've seen:

Calibration not-quite-right

Often getting a Marty from falling to foxtrotting can be as simple as giving calibration another go. If the legs are twisted or bent inwards this can be enough to trip Marty up. Try and get the legs as straight as you can, and you may need to experiment a little with the calibration before you get it right. Remember, you only need to calibrate once, not every time you use the robot.

Hip and Knee Horn popped-out

Make sure the Hip and Knee servo horns are inserted into the leg links properly - if the horn is out of the slot as shown, the Robot won't be able to hold its own weight but will look like it's walking OK if you hold it up in the air.

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If you've still got a Marty that won't walk, then get in touch with us and send us a picture or video so we can get your Marty sorted!

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