We offer a couple of different currencies on our site. You can switch currency in your Cart, on the Shop page, or in your Account. Prices will then be shown to you in that currency, and if you're logged in, this preference will be saved.

When you check out, the payment will be taken in the chosen currency.

If you're paying with an account held in a currency that's different to the one chosen, the payment will be processed in the currency you selected on the site, and then the final exchange rate will be decided by your Bank or Card issuer.

Unfortunately this means it's impossible for us to know exactly how much of your currency you will be charged if your account isn't in your chosen currency.

You can estimate how much you will be charged by checking the exchange rate online through Google or another search engine. Also bear in mind that your bank may charge you a foreign transaction fee.

For example, if you spend AU$ 100.00 on our site, paying with a card in CHF Swiss Francs, your card will be charged AU$100 and your bank will decide how many CHF that is.

The exchange rates we us on our site can be seen from your account page when you're logged in, and are all relative to £1 GBP. The currency you're using will be shown in Blue. Simply click a differen currency to switch.

If you're paying instead with PayPal, the currency conversion will also be done by PayPal. See PayPal's help centre for further information.

The currency an order was created in will be shown on the order:

Further Information and Terms for Currencies
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