An order will be Held Back because we don't currently have one or more of the items you ordered in stock, but more is on the way. 

If you order an item shown as Available on Backorder from our online shop, your order will be Held Back once you've placed it. This is shown at checkout like this:

If there is an estimated arrival date for the stock we're waiting for, this will be shown on your order in your account as in the image below:

If you want to order some items that are In Stock and others that are Available on Backorder, you can order them together, and they'll all arrive together at a later date once everything is back in-stock.

If you want some stuff now and the backorder items later, you need to place two separate orders.

See more info on Order Statuses

Occasionally, an order might be held back for some other reason, in which case we'll contact you about why. This is usually because we need some extra information from you, or there is a problem with getting the item sent to your address.
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